Ground Plant

Automated plant equipped with a tester which produces data on the quality of the moulding earth for cohesion and compactibility, together with daily and occasional checks by both internal and external laboratories.

Semi-Automatic Plant with Casting Robot

Forming Machines

candle and reversible moulding machines

Manual Forming

The Manual Forming Department produces casts with very complicated shapes, unique castings and natural models.

Melting Area

This department also carries out purification, demining, refining, modification, degassing ad thermal control.
Samples of molten metal are controlled in the spectrometer and also checked for correct density, to ensure that the characteristics of the metal confirm to the requirements of the customer.

Internal Core Workshop

Cutting and Deburring Department

Internal Laboratory

Eurofondalp has its own efficient internal laboratory equipped with the very latest technology. The laboratory provides a defining contribution to the quality of the product, both during production (through correct supervision of the process) and of the finished product (checking that the product meets the required specific qualities).

Machines for industrial radioscopy (RX), spectrometer, traction machine, microscope, durometer, thermal balance, density tests, humidity tests and soil compactability.

Plants and furnaces continually increasing, both numerically and technologically



Acceptance checks

We carry out checks on all incoming alloys to make sure the parameters coincide with the EN 1706 standard.

All products used in the production process are tested according to years of experience, and the product data sheets guarantee quality, safety of use and respect for the environment.

Systematic checks of all work processes

A special card is created for all phases of the production process for each lot of castings. Data collecting points provide all the necessary information, which is stored electronically on IT support, allowing for easy traceability even after shipping.

Final production checks

In addition to a 100% complete visual check, we may also perform: x-ray tests, non-destructive tests, tensile tests, pressure tests, and penetrating liquid tests, both at our own internal laboratory or through an external laboratory to guarantee the quality of our castings.

Over 40 years of experience in metals, a staff with an average of 15 years employment with us, state-of-the-art equipment: we can guarantee high product quality and fast delivery times.

Any questions? Contact our Technical Department.


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